My Life as Bacon

It’s no secret that I love me some bacon. And as I was preparing some Breakfast Heaven IMG_1113 (2)the other day, it occurred to me that bacon has more than a passing parallel with my life.

I, too, began as a slab of meat. Slightly processed yet still raw and unsavory, though full of potential. And let’s not even mention the distasteful pockets of fat.

But throw me on the hot skillet of Life, and it changes me. I become crisp, flavorful, and a little salty. I can stand firm on my own yet I’m still flexible. And those pockets of fat?… They make men salivate.

I hope my writing can also be a slice of bacon. While my initial attempts were limp and flabby, under the intense heat of scrutiny and editing and challenging myself to improve, it will become crisp and mouth-IMG_1114watering. Readers will want to chew on my stories, savoring my characters and extracting every bit of nuance and humor and thrill. I will become trendy and the world will clamor for more of me and panic at the possible threat of an “Ava shortage” –

Ooookay, maybe that’s taking it a bit too far, though I can’t deny it would be fun. Even if my life and my writing never become more than my own personal slice of savory heaven, I’m glad to have taken this journey.

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