Come What May…

Road 2Last Friday was my last day of employment with the company I’d worked at for 18 years. A company merger resulted in the downsizing of my position, and today I find myself unemployed for really the first time in my life since graduation. It is a strange feeling. Part lost. Part sad. Part fearful. Even part excited.

While I would have been perfectly happy to continue working for that company, this forces me to contemplate the many possibilities which have been previously unavailable (or at the very least, way off on the sidelines of my busy life). People have asked me what I am going to do, and I feel like a kid in a candy store being asked to choose one scrumptious morsel.

I can’t decide.

Therein lies most of the excitement and fear. I’m giddy with options and terrified I’ll pick the wrong one. Being forced to re-do my resume after all these years—last time I job-searched, social media and blogging didn’t even exist…nor did many of the individuals who are also job-searching!—was an epiphany of sorts. I see on paper the many skills I’ve honed over the years and the many significant project I’ve handled successfully. It’s empowering to see it, and I can’t help but preen a little at just how much of an asset I am for a potential employer.

So I’m not afraid to tackle my impending job search. Neither am I afraid of where this unknown and unclear path of unemployment will lead. On this, the first day of the new month, I embrace my new adventure. Because, come what may, I know I’ll be fine.

6 Comments on “Come What May…

  1. You are Great. Now learn to be great at having time to do nothing. It takes practice. Wherever you go and whatever you do will be a new adventure.


  2. Sending you positive thoughts as you embark on this new adventure. A job search is a little daunting but just think about what adventure lies at the end!


  3. After being “right-sized” several times in my career, each more devastating than the last, I finally figured out why. I wasn’t supposed to be working at a day job. I was supposed to be writing, but I was letting fear of the unknown keep me from realizing my dream. The universe refused to let me settle, though, and made sure I got kicked out of my jobs enough times for me to finally hear the message loud and clear: WRITE, SILLY!

    Ask yourself, “If I could do whatever I wanted and never have to worry about money, what would I do?” And that is your answer. Don’t let fear take it away from you. Live fearlessly. Live loud. And live hard. ❤ I have faith in you. You're talented, smart, funny, and a pleasure to be around. Whatever you decide to do, you'll be great!


    • Thanks! If money were truly no object, I’d spend my days swimming in Champagne 😉
      Until then, I’m going to let the muse guide me… I my writing and my job search!


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