Building my Wealth

Today is a fresh new day after spending my weekend at an author signing event. The logofolks who organized the Louisville Author Event did a fabulous job! As someone who has organized events, I know how much time and attention to detail was required of the Laslie family (Jennifer, Kevin, and even their offspring!), and I appreciated all of their efforts!

An author signing is a rather odd beast, in my opinion. To participate in one is a costly venture. The table fees, the travel, the hotel room if you are too far away to make it a day-trip, the meals—and that’s not even including swag items, raffle items, and even the cost of the books to be sold—they add up quickly. It’s common knowledge that an author rarely recoups their monetary investment.

1434735866394Take my own humble example from this weekend: I sold three books, at a profit of $4 per book. I gave one book away because a kind gentleman noticed my wine glass was empty and brought me another one. I reimbursed a friend $5 for the salad she brought me to munch on in between signing sessions. Not including any of the other things I paid for in order to be at this signing, I netted $3.

Well on my way to being independently wealthy, aren’t I?

But the point of attending an author signing isn’t about recouping costs, breaking even, or even making a profit (well, not for a lot of us, anyway). Participating in an author signing is one of the rare times we authors get to do the thing we love most besides writing: talk about our books and writing with people who also want to talk about books and writing.introvert-affiliate-marketing

It’s our own little Star Trek convention. Instead of Trekkies, we’re… Romancies. We get to geek out on writing with other authors. We get to talk about our books with attendees. We get to celebrate our genre in all its many-faceted glory with writers and readers (and even reader-friends-who-thought-they-were-along-for-the-ride-but-now-see-us-in-a-whole-new-light). And yes, we get to let our figurative hair down, make dirty jokes, dance like no one is watching (although surely someone is videotaping to post to Facebook), and be the persona we imagine ourselves being while we’re sitting in our jammies on our couch and plunking out our stories.

We get to be Cinderella for a day.

Well, at least I did, because I had some awesome shoes on!

The point of an author signing is more than just selling books. It’s more than filling our pocketbook. An author signing is the rare opportunity to fill our soul with the communal joy found in knowing we are among people who “get us.” We “get” each other.

I come away from an author signing with something priceless and precious: more friends who love the romance genre as much as I do!

So, yes, I am well on my way to independent wealth.

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