“BLOOD KING: Revamping the Monarchy”BloodKingFinal

Dracula was an upstart nobody from an alien race of bloodsuckers… Kaz just met the planet’s King.

Kazandra Lyon’s failed life sucks. But her vacation to a popular destination-planet sucks on a whole new level when she’s abducted and whisked off to a dark castle mired in twilight. She struggles against the attacks of a bloodthirsty monster and her growing attraction to the sexy and mysterious vampire king. Amidst murdered palace staff, political power struggles, and the king’s blood-searing seduction, has Kaz bitten off too much? Will she return to the unhappy safety of her failed life or stick her neck out and embrace a future with the lusty king who thirsts for her?

Away from his homeworld for far too long, King Rune Lahdunae’s political influence has weakened and his vision for his people is now a relic from a bygone era. He struggles to regain his royal standing as monarch, resurrect his race’s proud heritage, and keep his randy fangs off his beautiful guest. Yet Kazandra’s spirit and humor arouses a hunger in him more primal than the need for her life-giving blood. Can he entice her to remain as his honored guest… and possibly his wife? And can he thwart the relentless killer who is drinking his people dry before Kazandra becomes the next victim?

(This book contains explicit language and vivid relations. Intended for a mature audience.)

Available in print and digital format!

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“THE LAKE HOUSE” Multi-Genre Anthology

“Better Where it’s Wetter” Short Story

No, I’m not wandering into contemporary territory. I have a mermaid short story in this Anthology, which raises money for the Crossroads Romance Writers group and local literacy charities. Buy it for the mermaid romance… enjoy it for the wide raKindle Covernge of other short stories!

The merman prince takes her to new depths; she falls for him hook, line, and sinker.

“Prince? Atlantia? I’m sorry, but this joke isn’t funny. And I think I need medical attention. I’m sure I have a concussion and there are long, pink filaments in my vision.” I blinked hard, hoping to dislodge them.

He laughed. I was about to yell at him for not taking my situation seriously until he swept his hand to the side. My vision cleared.

“Forgive me for my laughter.” His tone still carried a bubble of good humor. He didn’t sound at all repentant. “You have my word this is no joke. Yes, I am the Prince of Atlantia. You don’t have a concussion. Those aren’t filaments in your vision, it’s your hair. And might I say, you make a stunning mermaid.”

Available in print and digital format!

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Bound by duty, two soldiers yield to their hearts’ command.Cover - temp (2)

Captain Jo Behsue has never questioned her career with Central Command’s leading military force—until now. Recent mission failures and the constant battle for acceptance from her fellow Corpsmen kindle her frustration, while the attention of a golden-eyed Klorakian mercenary ignites her body. Wrapped in his arms, she discovers even a scarred, hollow shell of a captain can love.

An officer in the Klorakian militia, Lux fights to return the rightful monarch to their homeworld’s throne—a planet which scorns his genetic shortcomings. He is loyal to his cause and king, but faces a bleak future once their mission is complete. His seduction of the combative yet beautiful Captain Behsue provides a glimpse of hope, and he fights for a life with Jo, who finds only beauty in his defects.

(Winner of the 2015 On The Far Side Contest for unpublished authors, HardScifi/Scifi/Futuristic category. This book contains explicit language and vivid relations. Intended for a mature audience.)

Available in print and digital format!

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One illicit lap dance becomes a flight for their lives.Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00029]

A stripper with dreams of being a princess.

An intergalactic thief with a freighter of stolen cargo.

At the outskirts of space and away from the rigid control of Central Command, Granger entices Kaedi to break her strict no-lap dance policy. The repercussions force her to pack up and hitch a ride off-world in the same freighter he has hired. They discover a passion hotter than a super nova, but their plans are shattered by the untimely death of the ship’s captain and the duplicity of the co-pilot.

The two lovers crash headlong into the clutches of Granger’s best-friend-turned-torture-happy-enemy. When Granger’s heritage is revealed, Kaedi relinquishes the pleasure she finds in his arms, believing herself unworthy. Granger chases after her, determined to convince her she is more precious to him than stolen cargo.

(This book contains explicit language, vivid relations, and the word “moist.” Intended for a mature audience.)

Available in print and digital format!

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