Yesterday I celebrated fourteen years of marriage to my husband. Let’s pause and give thanks that I wasn’t celebrating being married to someone else’s husband. Although, to both be honest, neither he nor I are the same person we were fourteen years ago. I count that as a blessing. I know I’ve changed way more than he has. He’s my rock of Gibraltar. My constant. My axis when the rest of the… Read More

Today is a fresh new day after spending my weekend at an author signing event. The folks who organized the Louisville Author Event did a fabulous job! As someone who has organized events, I know how much time and attention to detail was required of the Laslie family (Jennifer, Kevin, and even their offspring!), and I appreciated all of their efforts! An author signing is a rather odd beast, in my opinion…. Read More

It’s Throwback Thursday, and I’m hankering for some of the movies I loved from the 80s. Maybe it’s because I was an impressionable teen and so many of these really hit home. Or maybe I just identified with Molly Ringwold’s typical pouty heroine. Or maybe I’m just sad my subscription to Teen Beat has expired. Regardless, the 80s teen movies had a je ne sais quois which subsequent generations will never fully understand. (“They… Read More

Unlike Hamlet’s famous soliloquy, my contemplation of housework usually results in a swift “not to clean.” After all, I detest housework. Don’t get me wrong… I love a clean house. I just don’t like the thankless task of making it so. However, with my new role of “unemployed,” I have lots more time available, and confess the thought of giving my house a thorough cleaning has crossed my mind. In a moment… Read More

This is how my job search seems to be going… Not sure that my potential employers are bare-assed Roman soldiers, and I’m no Vestal Virgin. But you get the idea. Looking through LinkedIn and a state-based job search engine, the choices are overwhelming! So many great jobs out there, I can barely narrow my search down. It’s truly an orgy of job applications and resume uploads! Whew! I’m already spent 🙂

Last Friday was my last day of employment with the company I’d worked at for 18 years. A company merger resulted in the downsizing of my position, and today I find myself unemployed for really the first time in my life since graduation. It is a strange feeling. Part lost. Part sad. Part fearful. Even part excited. While I would have been perfectly happy to continue working for that company, this forces… Read More

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