A New Adventure…

While on a milestone birthday trip to Las Vegas, Ava sat poolside with a romance book in her hands and loudly declared. “You know… I bet I could write one of these.”

To which, her friend lifted a cocktail in silent toast and affirmed, “I bet you could, too.”

Blame the margaritas, or the Las Vegas influence, but Ava doubled-down. Fate, it would seem, is not without a sense of humor, and it has taken her several years to make good on that bet. Several challenging years during which she humbly learned an important lesson: the ability to write a complete sentence in no way equals the ability to craft a captivating novel filled with sympathetic characters, interesting conflict, scintillating description, and a fulfilling happily-ever-after.

(And why is Ava typing this in third person? How annoying!)

Anyway, I “got schooled” in writing with the generous help of my fellow writers. The journey to publication is an intense path filled with uncertainty, frustration, self-doubt, self-awareness, and editing. LOTS and lots of editing. Then even more editing. I am, by no means, at the end of this journey, but hope you enjoy the books I produce along the way!

I reside in central Indiana with a hubby who makes me laugh and kiddoes who are growing up way too quickly. I enjoy the world of wine and spirits, amusement park thrill rides, and laughing at my own foibles. I believe life is too short to surround yourself with negative people, Han Solo shot first, and the Holy Trinity of food is bacon, champagne, and chocolate.


My “Street Cred” –

Romance Writer’s Association

Indiana Romance Writer’s Association Chapter

Crossroads Romance Indiana

Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Chapter

2013 Finalist, Indiana Golden Opportunity Contest, Erotic Category

2015 Winner, On the Far Side Contest, Science Fiction/Futuristic


Delilah Devlin

New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author